Solid Rigid Centralizers

Spiral Vane Aluminium Solid Rigid Centralizer

1.Sizes ranging from 4-1/2" to 20"
2.Better optimum flow
3.Coated with polyester powder
4.Withstand high well bore temperature
5.API 10D standard

  • Spiral Vane Aluminium Solid Rigid Centralizer
■ Product's advantage

>>Aluminium Spiral Solid Centralizers are developed in response to the need for better cementing in high deviated and horizontal well.
>>These are designed to provide optimum flow and its fins or blades overlap the entire 360-degree open hole circumference.
>>Therefore its reduced flow area between the spiral provides and creates vortex motion to increase fluid velocity with direction.
>>Even without rotation, the relived angle fins/ blades induce turbulent flow for improved cutting and filter cake removal.
>>The angle of the uniquely designed spiral fin produced maximum fluid swirl, thus maximum removal of debris around the casing in any type of hole.
>>These Centralizers withstand high well bore temperature while providing maximum horizontal standoff.
>>All centralizers are stored painted or coated with polyester powder.
>>These are available in all sizes ranging from 4 1/2" to 20".
>>Any special sizes can be made available on request.

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