Solid Rigid Centralizers

Slip On Welded Positive Spirolizer

1.Sizes ranging from 4-1/2" to 20"
2.Apply in liner hanger
3.Extra strength and superior toughness
4.Minimize drag force
5.Resist high side load

  • Slip On Welded Positive Spirolizer
■ Product's advantage

>>Spiralizor is designed specially for highly deviated or horizontal wells.
>>Ideal for use with Liner Hangers.
>>The steel construction ensures extra strength and superior toughness.
>>The boat shaped Spiral fins minimize Drag Forces while running pipe.
>>The fins glide smoothly in the low side of horizontal bore holes.

>>Wide symmetrical fins are smoothly beveled on the both ends to have lower coefficient of friction and to ease casing movement in either direction.
>>Fins designs also resist high side load.
>>Spirally oriented Fins are welded to the one piece rolled formed End Collar under required temperature and condition with extra low Hydrogen coated Electrodes, which assures ultimate strength and uniformity in every weld.
>>Steel construction provides superior toughness over other materials.

>>Vanes can be selected to meet any hole dia from a choice of seven boat profile depths.
>>Slip On Spiralizor are provided for direct installation on the pipe by slipping on and can be provided with compatible Stop Collars beveled from one side positioned by set screw.
>>They are shipped in assembled condition only.
>>These Centralizers undergo a special Iron Phosphate coating process to prevent from Rust then coated with special Polyester Powder.
>>These are available in all sizes ranging from 4 1/2" to 20".
>>Any special sizes or combination can available on request.

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