Cementing Plug

Combination Cementing Plug

1.Sizes ranging from 4-1/2" to 20"
2.Use in combination casing strings
3.PDC drillable
4.Withstand differential pressure
5.Standard/Non rotating plugs type

  • Combination Cementing Plug
■ Product's advantage

>>Top and bottom cementing plugs are manufactured for use in combination casing strings.
>>Two or more different casing strings must be wiped by the cementing plugs during the displacement of fluids.
>>Allows tapered casing strings to be cemented while ensuring efficient wiping of the cement from different casing IDs in the string.
>>Designed and tested to withstand differential pressure.
>>All plugs are PDC drillable.
>>Plugs for sizes from 4-1/2" through 20" available.

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