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What Do You Know About Casing Centralizer?

2017-03-13 16:02:50

Casing centralizer is a mechanical device that keeps casing from joining the wellbore wall. In the oil well cementing business, people sometimes refer to the centralizers as “the cementing jewelry as they are installed on a casing string in a way similar to a bracelet on the wrist. With a continuous 360-degree annular space around casing, it allows the cement to completely seal the casing to the borehole wall.


 bow spring centralizer


There are two types of casing centralizers are available in the market: bow spring centralizers and rigid centralizers.


Bow spring centralizer is an older and a common version design. It is a slightly larger design than the wellbore and they can provide complete centralization in vertical or slightly deviated wells. Since, they do not support the weight of the casing, it is very well deviated in wellbores.


Rigid design in the other hand is a rugged design which works well in deviated wellbores. Since the centralizers are smaller than the wellbore, they do not provide as good centralization as bow spring centralizers in vertical wells. These are expensive than the bow-sting and can also cause trouble down-hole if the wellbore is not in a fine condition.


It is a well defined thing to say that each centralizer types and properties vary from each other. The better way to perform is a standoff analysis for each casing before a cementing job. Also, the exact number of centralizers required and their placements on the casing are important to make it work properly.


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