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Thermoplastic Polymer Solid Rigid Centralizers provide better abrasion resistance

2016-07-28 18:46:55

In oil exploration, in order to stabilize the downhole drill and prevent tilt, rigid centralizer are often used. The working environment is very bad, the force is very complex so that centralizer is easy to fatigue and fracture, wear and corrode. To overcome these problems, Thermoplastic Polymer solid rigid centralizer is developed to reduce drag and friction which increase abrasion resistance for maximum stand-off.


Thermoplastic Polymer solid rigid centralizers are designed to provide optimum flow and its fins or blades overlap the entire 360-degree open hole circumference. Therefore it reduces flow area between the spiral vane and creates vortex motion to increase fluid velocity with direction. Thermoplastic Polymer solid rigid centralizers withstand high well bore temperature up to 200 degree Celsius while providing maximum horizontal stand off. These Centralizers are well head friendly and have high impact with shock resistance, and Shock proof along with optimum tensile and yield strength. It not only has a higher centralizer anti-fatigue, abrasion resistance but also improve the efficiency of construction.


Thermoplastic Polymer Solid Rigid Centralizer

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