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Rigid positive centralizers support effectively in horizontal wellbore

2016-07-29 16:35:34

In oil well drilling and well completion, longevity and safe operation depends greatly on a good, complete cementing. Rigid positive centralizers are very effective in providing the casing with good support especially in anything other than a vertical run. Rigid positive centralizers are also called positive bow centralizers or positive bar centralizers with rib design for optimized fluid flow in the annulus.


Rigid positive centralizers are manufactured to closely slide over your casing and have ample clearance between your wellbore allowing it to be inserted more easily and to prevent the string from becoming deferentially stuck. This kind of casing centralizer can reduce frictional drag and can provide nearly 100% standoff. It is applied in horizontal and directional well widely. The rigid positive centralizer can get higher restoring-force-to-drag ratio when casing running in the hole. In a vertical application, the bow spring centralizer might be the more economical choice but for the people involved that need a proof positive standoff and a reliable and long lasting well, API rigid casing centralizer is the professional choice.


Rigid positive centralizer

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