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High Quality Bow Centralizers For Oil Wellbores

2019-03-13 16:03:48

Petro-chemical, oil & gas and natural gas or similar other types of industries need a variety of machines and pumps to pull the crude oil and other elements out of the hundreds of meters deep wellbore. There are different types of pumps required to enhance the production and make the jobs far easier. Among different types of machines and tools, you will get float equipment that are the most vital and demanding type of tools required largely. Float equipments are that plays a pivotal role in combination with cementing plugs, stage tools, centralizers, and scratchers as mechanical devices commonly used in running pipe and in placing cement around casing.


For oil and gas industry, where a minor mistake for the duration of pulling the crude oil out can be disastrous, everything needs to be taken into high consideration. Using of advanced cementing plugs and bow centralizers for the wells is also important. Cementing job is done to make oil production safe and to remove unwanted mud during cementing operations and process in wells and casing. Bow centralizers have their important in cementing job to make it easier and secure safety for the duration of operations.



Uses of Bow Centralizers


As far as uses of bow centralizers are concerned, they are designed for primary cementing job; while they are applied in vertical, deviated and horizontal wells – for low starting force as high restoring force and also taken into use for casing in the center of wellbore. Depending on your requirement and type of job for that you need them, you can choose from a variety like hinged bow centralizers, slip on bow spring centralizers, single piece centralizers and different types of others that are available in different sizes that are ranging from 4-1/2 to 20 inch. From a selected manufacturer, you can choose bow spring centralizes that are certified by API 10D standards and then have professional restoring force test machine. They are coated by powder baking or paint baking in the high temperature, ensuring them to keep dustproof function.

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