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Float equipments guide the casing towards center of the hole

2019-05-20 17:17:22

Petrochemical, oil & gas and natural gas or similar other types of industries need a variety of machines and pumps to pull the crude oil and other elements out of the hundreds of meters deep wellbore. There are different types of pumps required to enhance the production and make the jobs far easier.


Among different types of machines and tools, you will get float equipment that are the most vital and demanding type of tools required largely. Float equipment plays a pivotal role in combination with cementing plugs, stage tools, centralizers, and scratchers as mechanical devices commonly used in running pipe and in placing cement around casing. They are commonly used on the lower section of the well casing to reduce the strain or the derrick during placement of the casing in the wellbore and to help guide the casing past ledges and sidewall carvings as the casing passes through deviated sections of the hole. They are the vital equipment to provide a backpressure valve to prevent re-entry of cement into the casing inside diameter ID after it is pumped into the casing/wellbore annulus. Float equipments are installed near the bottom of casing string – guiding the casing towards center of the hole to minimize hitting rock ledges.


Float Equipments.jpg


Float Equipments.jpg

In different industry verticals – mainly oil and gas and petrochemical, focusing on heavy-duty and high-grade pumps and float equipment is common phenomenon to streamline the process of pulling the crude oil out of the well. You can see wellbore in petroleum domain – thousands of feet deep that need proper safe and care and use of high-grade and advanced tools. Choosing high-quality float equipment is important decisions to make.


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