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Features of rigid bow centralizer

2016-08-05 16:15:29

Rigid bow centralizers are designed with flat bottom U profile of different depths permitting maximum fluid passage. By reducing the frictional force, they can provide much smoother running capability. This also helps in rotation and reciprocation. They are available with straight bows for casing operations. This centralizer is rugged and made suitable to work well even in deviated well-bores, despite of the side force.


During the pipe rotation, rigid bow centralizers play a role of standoff so that it can help in setting casing slips at the surface and allows cement completely surround casing for an adequate cement sheath. Inside previous casing, they allows up to 95% standoff. And also it gives a good reinforcement to the cement column. The centralizers have bow springs strongly welded to single piece end collars under required temperature conditions with correct grade electrode.


All rigid bow centralizers undergo a special iron phosphate coating process to prevent corrosion and are then coated with a special polyester powder. You are welcome to contac us for more information!


rigid bow centralizer


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