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Difference between rigid centralizers and semi-rigid centralizers

2016-08-24 14:17:49

Rigid centralizers are built out of solid steel bar or cast iron, with a fixed blade height and are sized to fit a specific casing or hole size. This type is rugged and works well even in deviated wellbores, regardless of the side force. They provide a guaranteed standoff and function as bearings during the pipe rotation, but since the centralizers are smaller than the wellbore, they will not provide a good centralization as the bow spring centralizers in vertical wells.

rigid centralizers


Semi-rigid centralizers are made of double crested bows, which provide desirable features found in both the spring bow and the rigid centralizers. The spring characteristic of the bows allows the semi-rigid centralizers to compress in order to get through tight spots and severe doglegs. The double-crested bow provides restoring forces that exceed those standards set forth in the API specifications and therefore exhibits certain features normally associated with rigid centralizers.

semi-rigid centralizers

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