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Bow spring centralizer provide good flexibility

2016-07-20 16:39:51

Bow spring centralizers are designed for primary cementing, applied in vertical, deviated and horizontal wells where low starting force as high restoring force, used to keep casing in the center of wellbore. Lack of integral centralizer strength or an intolerance to flexibility are some of the main causes of centralizer damage or stuck pipe in under-gauge well conditions. Pulling back or getting stuck in hole costs money and, with today’s rig rates, that can mean a lot of money. Worse, the well could be lost.


Bow spring centralizers enhance RIH of casing or liner strings due to its construction method and good flexibility. Each bow spring centralizer is designed to compress to a near flat condition. During compression, through under-gauge conditions, the bow spring centralizer is able to withstand the increased loads that will be encountered without damage or permanent deformation. Once a restriction has been negotiated, it will revert back to its original nominal diameter and performance.


Bow spring centralizer


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