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API Slip On Welded Close Tolerance Casing Centralizer

2016-10-09 11:52:46

ZHENGZHOU, OCT 09,2016-As API certified casing centralizer manufacturer in China,Puyang Zhongshi Group has got API 10D certificate since 2011 and supplies all kinds of casing centralizers like bow spring casing centralizers and rigid casing centralizers.The close tolerance casing centralizer is one of casing centralizers,sometimes we call it slip on welded casing centralizer.This kind of centralizer is well suited for the need of a close tolerance centralizer for use in tight annulus applications where there is some well in a tight spot.The great advantage of casing centralizer is enough restoring forces after passing through those restrictions, while keeping the starting and running forces at a minimum.


The close tolerance casing centralizer is composed of bow profile and lap-welded end collars with setscrews to increase the holding force.Bow is welded to the collars in order to offer reliable, durable, and low profile for this casing centralizer. Slip-on configurations have end collar to protect against damage and provide minimum endcollar height.Setscrews is installed on the casing centralizer integrally and can help customers save the separated stop collar cost and operation time.


The close tolerance casing centralizer is applied in close-tolerance cased-hole when your drilling project in a tight spot.You do not need casing centralizer sub at all. Sizes from 5-1/2 to 20inch are available,tested and validated to API Specification 10D. The close tolerance casing centralizer from Puyang Zhongshi Group will help you improve the cementing integrity.For more information,please send email

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