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API 10D Certified Welded Bow Spring Centralizers

2017-07-21 02:17:15

ZHENGZHOU,JULY 21,2017- Bow spring centralizers is used for centralizing casing in the wellbore during primary cementing,also distributing the cement around the casing, reducing the casing drag on the wellbore, preventing differential sticking of the casing.Welded bow spring centralizers and non welded bow centralizers are available in API 10D certified manufacturers.


Today welded bow spring centralizers are introduced to you.This kinds of bow centralizers are designed for superior performance under the most demanding conditions.The welded centralizers are validated to API specification 10D,even exceeding API 10D standard.The high performance is the minimum restoring and maximum starting forces for various casing/hole size combinations.


The welded bow spring centralizers are available in slip on type and hinged type.The feature of slip on centralizers is with solid end collars  and then the bow spring centralizer is slipped on the casing OD during installation. Hinged type centralizers are manufactured in segments, allowing the centralizer to be installed easily around the casing OD.


Welded bow spring centralizer types as follows:
1.Standard bow spring centralizers
2.Bow spring centralizers,close tolerance,slip on
3.Bow spring centralizers,hinged type(turbolizer)
4.Bow spring centralizers ,semi-positive,hinged
5.Bow spring centralizers, rigid, hinged


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