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Aluminium solid rigid centralizers for good primary cementing

2016-08-17 16:38:24

Aluminium solid rigid centralizers are cast of a high grade aluminum alloy with one-piece construction. They are made of high tensile, solid, cast aluminum, for shock, impact, and corrosion resistance. They give optimum flow area in highly deviated and horizontal wells. The aluminium solid rigid centralizers combine with high tensile and yield strengths as well as corrosion resistance. Casting not only makes a well designed touch tool, but reduces manufacturing costs. Aluminium solid rigid centralizers are used for good primary cementing.


Spiral vane aluminium solid rigid centralizers increase induced swirl which increases the displacement efficiency. The spiral vane aluminium solid rigid centralizer is an aluminium / Zinc centralizer with similar design features of the steel solid rigid centralizer. Vane ends are beveled 30 degrees relative to casing centerline to provide excellent lead into restrictions, and reduced drag when running into hole. Wide vanes distribute load from the casing string into the wellbore without gouging. It has provided excellent results in extended reach and horizontal applications.


Aluminium solid rigid centralizers

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