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The advantages of slip on rigid casing centralizer

2016-08-03 18:05:01

In the process of oil drilling, we often use casing centralizer. In order to center the casing centralizer, we need rigid casing centralizer to improve cementing quality and reduce the area between casing centralizer and the wellbore. Currently, casing centralizers are solid block and weled on the sleeve. When encountering small hole during downhole, the casing centralizers can not bear the pressure around and then break down which will affect the normal casing down into or pulled out of, or even cause an accident.


The slip on rigid casing centralizer aims to provide a positive stand off the casing for both cased and open holes. The angled fins provide increased turbulent flow. It allows for reciprocation and rotation during cementing and can be installed between set screw stop collar. The slip on rigid casing centralizer not only can make the casing centralizer in the wellbore center, but also can reduce friction and pressure for rigid casing centralizer. In the face of pipe stuck, slip on rigid casing centralizer can deform to help the problem. In addition, it is light weight and low manufacturing cost.


slip on rigid casing centralizer



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