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Why Do People Prefer Bow Centralizer of PYZS?

2017-06-23 16:38:10

The process of using bow spring centralizers is a critical step in quality cementing as the lack of proper centralization can lead to severe cementing problems, including lack of zonal isolation and improper casing support. This centralizer help center the casing in the wellbore by allowing the even distribution of cement around the casing. Reduces casing drag on the wellbore during casing running operations, it also prevents differential sticking of the casing.


Being one of the most respected companies in the industry, we, Puyang Zhongshi Group is known for offering products of casing accessories like solid rigid centralizer, bow spring centralizer, float equipment, cementing plug, etc. to the clients. We offer bow centralizer which increases fluid turbulence at the tool and helps to remove filter cake from the wellbore. Bow centralizer is used for casing the center of a wellbore or during a cement job. It is a metal strip shaped like a hunting bow and attached to a tool or to the outside of casing.


Bow Springs Centralizer-PC Type


This can be run through whole restrictions in the wellbore or through smaller casing strings that are cemented in the well. The better way to perform is a standoff analysis for each casing before a cementing job. Also, the exact number of centralizers required and their placements on the casing are important to make it work properly.


Bow Springs Centralizer-PC Type


Since, this allows the cement to be evenly distributed around the casing string, we offer bow spring centralizers which is welded and non-welded both. The degree to which the casing is centered depends on the performance of the centralizer and the spacing between centralizers installed on the casing OD matters. The bow centralizer we offer are easy to assemble and availed with a strong grip.



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