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Float Collar in Various Models with a User Guide

2020-09-14 14:18:51

Float collars are commonly required to use in Bore-bells and in petrochemical industry for smooth processes and operations and to improve productivity. Choosing the right type of collars is important and depends on your requirement. 

Choose the Latest Models of Float Collar – Go Online Directly to Top Manufacturers

Float Collar is a important short coupling device that has threads installed generally after one, two or three joints of casing from the float shoe. It incorporate an integral backpressure valve which is very often a spring-loaded ball valve. The valve intercepts flow back of cement slurry during cementing and also helps "float" the casing string during case running operations. 
It depends on your requirement; you can choose the latest models of float collars and get them directly from the top manufacturers according to your choice. From a reliable manufacturer, you will get a broad range of such collars that are offered with a complete user guide and details about technical specifications are also provided to you. 
Customized Float Equipments– at ZS-Oilfieldequip 
In order to fulfill your requirement for the latest range of customized collars or to choose anything else in the same domain, all you need to do is search for the right manufacturer that is convenient for you. Among some of the top names that are bringing to you the latest range of  Float  equipments, you will find ZS-OilFieldEquip comes on the top – bringing to you the right models of Float Collar and cementing head – offered with a complete user guide. 
Different models are available and offered with technical specifications so that you can find something useful and durable. Puyang Zhongshi has been offering an exclusive range of float equipments – the advanced models. including float collars, float shoes and guide shoes. Our float collars & shoes are standard types, non-rotating type, auto-filling type, stab-in type and so on.  Customization is also done for them that will be a plus point. 
So, what you are looking for, get the right type of collar, cementing heads, Cementing Plug, and more on one click. Place the order and choose the right models online.

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